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Educational Services
PreK - Grade 4


A quick shout out to the amazing, Maui Tutoring. Hard to put into words but I'm going to try.  It is educators like Michelle Lazuka that just make your heart sing. In just a few short months, she helped Kaden with a variety of skills and significantly improved his reading proficiency: More than that though- she was a constant support, cheerleader and such a positive part to our week. We appreciate all of the love and energy that is poured in at Maui Tutoring and we just love you Michelle!

-Danielle Via

Every Wednesday, I wake up to my child asking, 'Mom, do I get to see Ms. Michelle today?' That excitement for learning -- it's all thanks to Maui Tutoring! Ms. Michelle has not just taught; she's nurtured confidence and created a safe, encouraging space for my daughter to thrive. Learning isn't always easy, but with Michelle's calm, consistent support, it's become an adventure for Afton! Thank you, Maui Tutoring, for being an essential part of Afton's incredible learning journey! December 2023

- Dr. Erin Hughey

My daughter has been going here for over a year and she has learned so much and excelled more than we could’ve imagined!

-Shauvon Young


Maui Tutoring is amazing. My daughter is 5-years-old and has been homeschooled through the pandemic. We became clients to prepare her for the upcoming school year. She loves Miss Michelle and looks forward to her lessons. Michelle sends home activities that even her big brother sometimes takes part in. For example, last week they did an outdoor scavenger hunt and coloring activity together. Michelle pays attention to detail, is nurturing, and communicates well with parents. I highly recommend Maui tutoring. 

PS - my daughter is also in love with Bootsie (her cat)

-Malika Dudley


So grateful to have Ms. Michelle in our lives, she has made a huge impact on our son! He always looks forward to his weekly sessions and truly enjoys learning because of her. Mahalo nui Ms. Michelle, we are so lucky to have you!

-Tiera Knight

Ms. Michelle has worked with two of my children over the past year. During this time I have not only seen a large academic leap, but my kids have developed a true love for learning. Ms. Michelle’s attention to detail and true desire to foster growth in children is astounding. We love her!!! Thanks, Michelle for having a hand in shaping my children's future, I am appreciative of you teaching them the ABC’s and 123’s and everything but it's really the compassion and grace that has had me coming back to you, that is not something you can learn from a book. They learned that by it being modeled. So thankful for your impact on our family.  I see little bits of Miss Michelle in my kids every day.

-Jemmie Godwin-Smith

We celebrated Kamden & Joshua's 1st grade graduation yesterday. While this last year had so much uncertainty, we had the pleasure of having Ms Michelle Lazuka educate Kamden through his 1st grade year.   What started as tutoring last summer, evolved in to an amazing experience with a full curriculum encompassing all of the required studies. These boys built their confidence while achieving great success. They not only excelled in reading and writing together they went on journeys through Egypt, built a home and harvested praying mantises, learned about agriculture in the yard and journaled each step. Watching Kamden and Joshua develop academically under her tutelage was beyond what any of us expected.  I would love to share more pictures and stories if anyone would like to hear about it. Please reach out. We feel so blessed to have had Ms. Michelle Lazuka in our lives. Her experience, coupled with her masters in education/teaching as well as her studies in psychology, truly set her apart from anything we have seen. I am not exaggerating when I say Kamden ran INTO school every day, extremely excited. She will forever be in our Ohana.

-Samantha Tantillo

I can't recommend Maui Tutoring enough. Michelle has an incredible gift for teaching children in a manner that makes the student feel excited yet challenged allowing them to flourish. My daughters look forward to their weekly sessions with Michelle and I've seen them develop an even greater love of learning while exceeding my expectations overall. Any child that gets to work with Michelle will most certainly benefit exponentially.

-Megan Pearl


I am so grateful my daughter is getting back into a routine. The first thing she asks in the mornings - Do I get to go to Ms. Michelle's school today? Michelle makes learning fun and exciting. Thank you, for creating such a welcoming and nurturing environment.  

-Beth Downs

Last year we were very concerned that our son would fall behind academically, not yet being able to read and starting first grade at public school where only distance learning was available.   We were so happy and relieved when Ms. Michelle offered to be our son's First Grade teacher.  Ms. Michelle set up an ideal environment for learning, meeting four days a week with our son and his good friend.  Our son was always excited to attend Ms. Michelle's school and the progress he has made has been truly remarkable.  Thanks to Ms. Michelle, his reading and writing skills are now way beyond our expectations and, in fact, after just graduating First Grade with Ms. Michelle this year, his assessment testing scores qualified him to attend Third Grade starting next month.  We are so grateful to Ms. Michelle for setting our son up for lifelong learning success.  

-Jeff and Julia Houchard

My son Alec has been going to Miss Michelle for a year now. He has learned so much from her. She preps him up for kindergarten and he is ready to go in August. We can't thank her enough for the time she puts into his education. Looking forward to sending my youngest son to her when the time comes. We appreciate you so much, Miss Michelle! Much aloha and mahalo!

-Alisa Coimbra

Thank you, Mrs. Michelle, for starting an amazing program. Because of you, I am confident that my daughter is eager and ready for kindergarten. Your patience and knowledge of teaching is amazing beyond words, and any child is lucky to have you as an educator in their life. Thank you again for everything!! 

-Ashley & Kayla Miller

Zoe didn’t attend traditional kindergarten this year, we chose to send her to Maui Tutoring with Michelle Lazuka+ it was the best decision ever! Ms. Michelle is the best teacher ever!  She paired Zoe up with another girl her age + grade, Zea! Zoe + Zea became fast friends + we are so grateful for these 2 special people this year! Zoe is making so much progress with miss Michelle Lazuka! We are so proud!  Here we come 1st grade!!!!

-Shelly Apostolides

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