Maui Tutoring


Educational Services
PreK - Grade 4


Private tutoring 

*If you are interested in a full 2-4 day a week PreK-1st grade curriculum, please

contact Maui Tutoring for pricing and more information.

M-F 70-90 minute sessions:

One child

Individualized educational plans starting at  $75.00 (tax & processing fees included)

*Sessions are month to month. No contracts. 

Parents have the option of choosing any number of days a week based on availability at the time.

Children are placed together by parent’s choice OR Michelle pairs up children to work together.

Contact Maui Tutoring if:

*two or three parents wish to have their children work and grouped together

*you are a parent with siblings and would like both of your children in the program 

All children receive an assessment at their first visit. I will provide my honest and professional feedback as I discuss your child's development level and future plans for academic success. Throughout the time I work with your child we will have an open dialogue about your childʻs progression.  I will update you as to whether further study with me is necessary or if they have mastered the skills to achieve the goals we have set for them. 


Please understand that whether I work with your child for three months or three years, I will always be a life-long educator in their lives. I have a deep empathy for young children.  I grow close with my students and nurture them with the compassion, affection and understanding they need. Yes, stay in touch!