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Maui Tutoring


Educational Services
PreK - Grade 4



Month To Month No Contracts

*The first visit: I will provide my honest & professional feedback as I discuss your child's development level & future plans for academic success. Throughout the time I work with your child we will have an open dialogue about your childʻs progression.  I will update you as to whether further study with me is necessary or if they have mastered the skills to achieve the goals, we have set for them. 

Private Tutoring 

1 Child or Group.  60-75min $95.00

Remedial Tutoring

Individualized educational plans starting at $110.00 per session. 60-75 min (taxes & processing fees included)

Complete Full Year Curriculum

*If you are interested in a complete 2-4 day a week PreK-1st grade curriculum, please contact Maui Tutoring for pricing and more information.

Individual Assessments 

Provides the caregiver with valuable information on the child including:

*The skills necessary for the next grade

*How the child learns best, strengths, weaknesses

*Advice, materials and much more

1 child 75 minutes $135.00

Mini Curriculum Kits

PreK-4th Grade.  These kits vary in pricing depending on how much help each family needs. They are designed to keep your little student on track with the best resources and materials. Please contact Maui Tutoring for more.

Kindergarten Curriculum Kits

These kits provide homeschool parents with: 

*EVERYTHING they need to complete a successful year of kindergarten in a shorter amount of time. 

*Handmade materials catered for their child. 

*Two-three child visits with Maui Tutoring's Lead Teacher during the curriculum, to keep the child & caregiver/homeschool teacher on track.

*Advice, tips, resources and help along the way.  Cost: $795.00

Kindly Remember

Please understand that whether I work with your child for three months or three years, I will always be a life-long educator in their lives. I have a deep empathy for children.  I grow close with my students and nurture them with the compassion, affection and understanding they need. Yes, stay in touch!

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