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Educational Services
PreK - Grade 4

Who is Maui Tutoring for?

  • Preschool - 4th graders who need help academically

  • Parents who are interested in a complete private school curriculum of PreK, K or First grade

  • Children that attend school or daycare regularly & those that do not

  • Younger students preparing for Kindergarten

  • Homeschooled children, gifted students and distance learners

  • Children with special academic needs

  • Parents who need extra help teaching or a little break 

  • Parents who need a thorough academic evaluation for their child


Parent Testimonials:

My oldest was struggling with his reading and was behind for first grade. I called Mrs. Michelle and she assured me that she would help to get him where he needs to be. I am so very proud of him and thankful for her because he is exactly where he needs to be for his age. His first-grade teacher this year had told us how proud she was of him and how far he’s come along. (Beginning of the year, they wanted to hold him back, now, he’s ready for 2nd grade!) We know this wouldn’t have been possible without her help. We absolutely love Ms. Michelle. Both my boys have been receiving private tutoring sessions from her. The progress they have each made has been astronomical!

-Kristina Lopez-Mata

Mission statement:

To create a solid academic foundation at an early age to provide the child with the confidence and skills needed for future academic excellence.

E Komo Mai and Aloha. My name is Michelle Lazuka and I am the early childhood educator here at Maui Tutoring. I provide private tutoring and group lessons for preschoolers-4th graders. Over the past ten years I have taught in classrooms and one-on-one.  My teaching methods focus on the most important needs for each child's individual growth and development. The outcome is improved academic performance and a positive attitude toward learning.  One-on-one, hands-on learning is an efficient and effective way to provide a greater amount of learning in a short period of time. My years of experience and Montessori training have allowed me to use the child's own interests to teach all subjects.  

Maui Tutoring follows Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy and pedagogy. The environment is prepared for a higher level of learning, with an understanding that children are much more capable than we tend to realize. Each child is given their own curriculum that focuses on shaping the whole child. The classroom is set up for positive learning experiences and true intrinsic motivation.  

The first five years of life are the most important for brain development.  It's at this time that children are able to absorb and learn at a rapid pace.  As a teacher, I have an obligation to take advantage of this window of opportunity or "optimal period" (as Dr. Montessori calls it) and provide as much education as I can. My teaching methods provide children with a deep love and passion for learning.  I ensure that each child I work with receives the highest quality care and instruction focusing on the child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. 

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*Space Limited. Call today to book.

*Month to month. No Contracts.

Private tutoring 

*If you are interested in a complete 2-4 day a week PreK-1st grade curriculum, please contact Maui Tutoring for pricing and more information.

M-F 70-90 minute sessions:

1 child

Individualized educational plans starting at $80.00 per session (taxes & processing fees included)

All children receive an assessment at their first visit. I will provide my honest and professional feedback as I discuss your child's development level and future plans for academic success. Throughout the time I work with your child we will have an open dialogue about your childʻs progression.  I will update you as to whether further study with me is necessary or if they have mastered the skills to achieve the goals we have set for them. 


Please understand that whether I work with your child for three months or three years, I will always be a life-long educator in their lives. I have a deep empathy for children.  I grow close with my students and nurture them with the compassion, affection and understanding they need. Yes, stay in touch!

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“We can’t thank Ms Michelle enough for the tremendous impact she has had on our children’s educational journey, because of her they have a deep love of learning and an overwhelming devotion to protecting our planet.”

Dr. Jerob and Teresa Leaper, Parents of two of Michelle’s students

"Michelle is a genuinely sincere and caring teacher.  We are so lucky to have had Michelle work with our son as a Montessori tutor to complement our home school routine. She made a special connection with my son that allowed him a fun, playful way to experience learning.  She has a fun way of teaching and has the best toys and teaching materials. She absolutely loves children and is passionate about fostering our youth into being conscious, independent,  little people.  We absolutely love her and highly recommended her."

Chris & Sara Smith, Parents of a tutoring student

"Michelle is a warm, kind hearted and patient teacher. She makes learning fun and has a deep understanding of the Montessori way of teaching. She is a treasure to our community!"  

Victoria Qualls, Parent of two of Michelle’s students